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“Psychics, Mediums, and 5 Days in the Desert: The Mystical Odyssey of Zeus the French Bulldog”

A Frantic Call from Tanzania.

“Find him. You have to find him. He’s like my baby, you HAVE TO FIND HIM.”

Really, we’re loving doggy parents. Or so we thought. Until every owners worst nightmare happened – we lost our dog.

The year of training – reading books before we got him, practicing off-leash walks, teaching lots of discipline and being praised for having a remarkably well behaved pup: none of it seemed to matter when Zeus was let outside to pee off the hotel patio and disappeared into the night.

Not just into the night, but into the Henderson Nevada Desert Climate and Coyote Territory.

This is not only the Incredible “from Harrowing to Magical” tale of how he was Found – but also a Journey that keeps unfolding. A Journey that you can be a part of. A journey that ‘pet-lover-or-not’ could change your perspective forever.

Thursday, Jan 22nd, 11pm PST:

Nikki: Back to Tanzania. Why am I here. I’m here because my best friend had a death in the family. A tragic one. I’ve been invited to help, to lend a shoulder, to offer support. She’s been there for me so much, there’s no question.

I miss my friend’s brother too, he was so young, I’ve known him since he was a teen.

It’s almost a week of grieving and then I get this text:

“Zeus has been missing for 15 minutes. It’s late at night here. I can’t see anything.”

I’m in a 5 star resort in Zanzibar at the buffet and I let out a shriek. One more text.

I slam the phone onto the table, I cry with abandon – I’m half way across the world and there’s nothing I can do.

Avram: It’s the first night of our company convention. Our road trip from Colorado went well, we even snuggle one cool night in a cabin in my sleeping bag. I feel even more bonded with Zeus, a man and his dog on an adventure.

I get back to the hotel room around 11, I let Zeus onto the patio to pee before settling into bed. He comes back in, minutes later starts peeing on the bathroom floor. My knee jerk reaction, stop the pee, scoop him up and put him outside.

I watch him squat just beyond the patio, turn to grab his leash off of the bed.

In less than 20 seconds he’s disappeared.

Where could he have gone? I walk into the dimly lit parking lot sweetly calling his name,

“Zeus… Zeus… where are you buddy?”

No noise, no response, no scurrying to be found.

I just don’t get it. He’s not a runner or a bolter. We’ve taken him on off-leash walks many times. I can’t believe it, he can’t just disappear.

I start to panic. An immense wave of horror washes over me….

Friends are called, the hunt is on. Hotel security joins us with flashlights. A dozen of us comb the entire hotel property in 30–45 minutes.

Suddenly in the not-so-far distance there’s the howling of a coyote pack, ripping apart their most recent kill. Praying it’s not Zeus, I sprint towards the shrills while a group of friends do the same. The pack vanishes into dark dust.

The temperature dips down to an almost freezing 38 Degrees Fahrenheit, by 2:30am I’m the only one left searching.

End of Thursday: No Sign of Zeus.

Friday January 21st, Early as Hell.

Avram: I’m still up as the sunrise breaks over Lake Las Vegas. I feel numb. It’s cold, I’m in shock, I can’t think straight, I’m not sure what to do next.

lake las vegas sunrise layla black

Sunrise from the Westin @ Lake Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Layla Black

Nikki’s sister Dagmara calls and snaps me out of it, like a much needed cold-water-in-your-face-slap. She races to handle online stuff like Craigslist, coordinates outreach with our friend Sandy in Portugal. With little sleep and the power of the internet they accomplish more than we’ll ever know.

Together We pull out all the stops.

I post a picture of “Missing” Zeus on Facebook, it goes Viral. Dagmara’s clever, she even puts fake ads for french bulldog wanted, in case someone wants to sell him.

People rally. And I mean REALLY rally. Ideas from hundreds of people pouring forth. Referrals. Pet Detectives. Bloodhounds. K9’s. Mediums and Psychics. Flyers. Traps. Spreading our Scent. Do’s and Don’ts. What do I do first?

We look at Bloodhounds. Only 12 experts in the country. A minimum base of $3,000. Not including their flight, hotel, food. Then $200 per hour. An easy $5K. I’m not sure about this, neither is Nikki. We don’t get the best feeling from it.

My head is swimming. A break.

I get a voicemail from someone in New York who runs a rescue there, they recommend a service called LostMyDoggie.com. They call up to 2500 land lines and cell phones in a the immediate are. It’s a no brainer, we do it. Dagmara sets it up.

I go with making a Flyer and quickly pass it around the hotel; to all the staff, to as many people as possible at our company convention.

I hit the pavement Knowing that, Every. Single. Minute. Counts: That every second Zeus is out there by himself his chances of survival decrease.

As I consider this my friend Aaron Raskin calls me.

“Dude, I heard about Zeus, what’s going on?”

And before he could even finish his sentence I burst into tears, wailing, “I just want to find my dog!!!”

“I know buddy, I know, we’re gonna find him.”

I can’t remember the last time I cried like this, it’s not often I feel absolutely crushed on a soul level.

Every minute counts. I wipe my tears, We get back to searching.

Thanks to more friends, every home and every business within a mile of the hotel is flyered.

The company convention goes all afternoon, I find myself alone again on the search.

3:00 PM: I hop into my car to visit the local shelters and vets on my own. I let my friend Chris know where I’m going.

chris rocheleau text message

Chris and Irina jump in the car.

Chris breaks off half of his sandwich for me. I realize I hadn’t eaten in almost 24 hours.

A pet communicator calls, she tells me Zeus has been stolen.

I just KNOW in my heart that that isn’t true. It feels like a ton of bricks.

I’m just angry, livid.

Now before you write off psychics as a bunch of bullshit, trust me, you’re going to want to read this story through to the end.

Nikki: I’m stuck in Africa. I missed the ticket to leave tonight. I toss my my hopes and prayers into the Aquamarine of the Indian Ocean. All I can do is feel, tap in, ask, breathe. I can’t help but feel in my gut: He’s Still Alive.

Friday Ends. No sign of Zeus

Saturday January 24th

Nikki: I leave Zanzibar in the morning. It’s a Small Plane ride to Dar Es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. The kind-heartedness of the resort staff and the locals I meet Soothe the panic. It’s a force of Love speaking through them as they look me square in the eyes and say, “Oh, I think you will find him. I have this feeling.”

Avram: Nikki stops in Johannesburg and tries to call me. I text her back since it’s $4.99 a minute, asking what she needs. She says, “I need to talk to you.”

I’m thinking utility, we shouldn’t talk unless absolutely necessary. She writes back,

“I don’t give a shit how much it costs, I need to talk to you and hear your voice.”

She’s thinking about connecting, a wake up call. I realize it’s about us being United, no matter where we are.

Nikki: It’s a 17 Hour Flight to Atlanta before Vegas.

There’s no damn wi-fi on this long flight, maybe it’s better that way?

Let’s be real, I’m going to sit here obsessively refreshing my messages.

I get quiet and visualize him in my arms.

When I’m not sleeping I chant a sort of mantra in my mind:

“Zeus, Avram and I are Re-United, We are Together and United.” I imagine getting a message upon landing that says he’s found.

Avram: I wish she was already here. I feel stupid and dumb about all of this. Zeus is gone around 36 hours now.

I get into an argument with a security guard, he tells me,

“He’s probably gone, I think you should check the shelters.”

I fire back, admittedly rudely,

I don’t care what you think. I want to talk to engineering and the groundskeepers because they might know about crevices or areas I don’t know about.”

His eyes glaze over, I’m not sure he cares.

This guy’s just the first: Today’s the day others begin to echo his sentiments, that Zeus is gone now and that I should give up.

More searching. More checking Shelters. Buddies Travis, Sean and Jedi spend hours taping over 100 in flyers in town. More searching rocks, bush, gravel, grass, rocks, dirt, army crawls- it all starts to look the same.

Eric, the Bell Captain at the Westin Lake Las Vegas calls me to see if there’s any news. I nearly drop the phone as he tells me he’s gone to the local shelter on his off time. Who does that? I’m overwhelmed at the thought of hotel staff going this much out of their way.

Now I don’t know where they all came from, but through social media an entire fleet of psychics and animal communicators come out of no where, all offering their insights.

10PMish: A colleague approaches me and tells me to make peace with the fact that he’s gone, tells me to get on with my life.

I know that they mean well, but all I’m thinking is, “Screw you. He’s still out there and I’m going to find him.”

The day ends in a similar tone as the beginning: People are starting to lose hope, they’re skeptical that he’s alive.

It’s just like most things in life, at the sign of the faintest struggle most people are ready to give up.

They give me that look, that look that says, “You’re in denial, your dog is gone, you need to face the music.”

End of Saturday: Still No Sign of Zeus.

Sunday, January 25th 10:30 am.

Nikki: I arrive in Las Vegas (after almost 30 hours of travel from Tanzania).

From seeing scrawny cattle and near-slavery to slot machines, it’s jumping from one surreal reality to another…I’m grateful for this crazy Facebook thing more than ever: finally I can see hundreds of hopeful comments: “Zeus just needs to hear his Mommy’s voice and he’ll come out!”

Avram picks me up. He breaks down, sobs in the car,

“I just want our dog back.”

I feel confident my voice will bring him out. We go to the hotel, he encourages me to feel with fresh perspective. “Where is he?

We do our best to tap into our inner resources, to invoke our primal senses. We hug, we give energy to each other. We ask our bodies to be like tuning forks and compasses. Yes, I’ve bent spoons before and this is going to get even weirder.

I get drawn to the left. I’m peering into the bushes, calling his name very softly. There’s a woman sitting lotus style on a rock, she turns around as she hears me. She asks,

“Oh, are you Zeus’s owner? I’ve been meditating on him since he went missing. I’ve had a dream about him. I feel he’s around. I’m not sure when he’s gonna come back, but I feel he will.”

Who is she, the Oracle from the Matrix?

I am so grateful. I look softly at this woman named “Chiwa” and thank her:“I feel he will come back too.”

I tell Avram of the experience. He confides in me, “There’s all these pet communicators and psychics who believe he’s been kidnapped. One even senses he’s been taken to the east coast already.

I feel a surge of anger, I know it’s bullshit. Wait, am I in denial? I can’t help but sense – he’s AROUND, and he’s alive.

We’re still pulled, tempted to indulge in the worst case scenarios. Starvation, dehydration, death by coyote, snakes, the wrong person finding him, unknown creepy crawlies.

We shake it off, we hug, we love.

Offers for help keep pouring in, fellow colleagues from the convention pushing for a large search party.

We’re grateful, also concerned: Would a search party really be the best thingto do? It might just scare him further away. Yet we figure this much: If he doesn’t turn up, IF we lose him forever, we’ll always wonder “What if we did that search party?

We have to exhaust all options. We also figure at the very least it’ll push the coyotes out. Some don’t believe that they eat dogs, but trust us, they do. We’ve had friends who’ve watched their beloved dogs dragged away.

This is where it gets Really Bizarre.

This is the night the Magic Starts to show up Tangibly. Come with us and get weird. Like Harry-Potter-Wizard-Weird. Normal is boring anyway, if you were a boring “muggle” you wouldn’t be reading this.

We’re in the back of the Convention Room, over a thousand people.

The Founder of Empower Network, David Wood ends his prolific talk by asking the room to help find Zeus. CEO Jonathan Crondstedt follows up with Slides and Instructions from Stage.

zeus the superhero frenchie on screen at event

Company Leaders rally to be Search Squad Leaders.

search party meetup for zeus the superhero frenchie

Hundreds meeting in the back of the convention room to rally for the search. Photo credit: Linda Hopson

Hundreds venture into the night. We know we called it our company convention, but it’s more than that – it’s a community. A community of like minded and like hearted entrepreneurs. A community who’s support not only blows us away, but restores our faith in humanity.

Peering Amidst the countless cellphone ‘beacons’ across the landscape we are filled with gratitude, and the knowing that the coyotes would be scared further away by the large groups.

5-10 Square Miles covered. Yet Sadly, the search yields no sign of Zeus.

Search Party

We’re exhausted. Defeated and Depleted. We need a bite to eat. We sit at the company dinner, eating through nausea but necessity. Our phones are dead, we have the urge to charge in our rooms, we get pulled into conversations, lots of hugs and shoulders to lean on. More tips and advice on the search.

Our bodies feel like melting into the earth. Friends tell us to get rest, we need sleep.

11:40 PM: We get back to our room – UNBELIEVABLE.

There is finally a BREAK – a Sighting of Zeus.

First the Medium. Startling Accuracy. We get a message relayed through a Facebook Friend:

patricia faust medium message

At the same time, my phone blows up with a voicemail from earlier via our photographer friend Tyler Deal:

Hey dude, this is Tyler, I was sitting on the little boat dock out by the fire pits and I swear I saw Zeus in the shadow of the lights on the golf course. He ran away before I got out there, but I know it was him. It has to be him! He’s got to be around here somewhere.

Oh. My. God. He was there. Right by us! Did we miss our chance? Oh my God.

Suddenly we have new Surge. We can’t go to bed after hearing he was so close.

We cover the hotel grounds again, searching every bush. He was just here, he can’t be far…

2:30 AM: We’re falling over with exhaustion, no more Signs of Zeus.

Monday, January 26th, Crack of Dawn:

We realize there’s too many Cooks in the Kitchen, Know what I mean?

In this case, too many psychics. Over a Dozen offering their ‘downloads.’ One says, “Check between bungalows 2 and 3.” Another says, “He’s very close.”Then more reports saying he’s gone or kidnapped.

Last night’s Sighting gives us Hope. And Clarity. a Sign, a Gift.

We have to Get Some of the Readers out of the “Kitchen.” We know who the Head Chef needs to be, and it’s Page, the woman from last night, the women with startling accuracy — the one who saw him *exactly* where he was spotted.

If that’s not a sign, we don’t know what is!

We can’t get in touch with her, but we are in touch Madii who is working with her. That’s it. We’re only taking advice from these two. We appreciate everyone, but we gotta narrow it down.

Breakfast, finally. He’s been seen, we can finally eat a decent meal.

We’re anxious to get a hold of the medium, but we don’t wait. A few people suggest an infrared camera, and Dagmara finds a spy shop.

We call the Spy Shop hoping to Rent. “Jim” says they don’t really rent equipment, the minimum purchase for a basic infrared camera is $1500.

He asks us what we need it for, we tell the story. Put on hold for a minute. Jim returns with great news, another break:

“Hey, we normally don’t rent cameras but I think I can help you. We’ve got an even better military grade camera, usually used by border patrol. It’s really high level, the lens alone is like $10K. We can rent it to you for $500.”

A wave of gratitude and excitement washes over us, we jump up and declare:

“We’re gonna find him! We’re gonna find our boy!”

There’s just something amazing about it, the fact that this guy who doesn’t know us would help us, give us a $20K+ camera to use, it’s like another sign.

2PM: We go get the camera. We’re thinking there’s no way Zeus could hide from us now. Jim is just awesome, truly a dog lover. A buff guy with a big heart.

Sunset: We get used to the camera. We’re confident this is it. Friends Chris and Irina station themselves across the water. Pretty sure we all feel kinda ninja right now.

infrared camera

8:33 PM

Avram: Nikki’s sitting on the golf course by the palm trees, in the exact spot he was seen. She’s holding a dirty sock with apples chopped up inside of them. Zeus LOVES Apples. And the smell of dirty socks of course. Nikki’s determined to camp out, to wait for him, it’s already cold enough to be in her sleeping bag.

I’ve got the camera out and It starts to rain. OMFG I can’t believe it, it’s raining Dammit!

Nikki’s still sitting there, she doesn’t care that it’s raining. I have to drag her out of it as she cries. I tell her getting soaked isn’t going to help. We end up under the hotel canopies.

Nikki: I just want to rest my body for a moment. I lean back, just for a minute. I think it’s just a minute.

Hours later, we’re woken up by security. We fell asleep! The whole night feels like a bust. We fleetingly reassure ourselves with the thought that he’s not very likely to come out in the rain.

End of Monday: We drag ourselves back to our room, No sign of Zeus.

Tuesday, January 26th: Sunrise

We’re not sure how much longer we can stay. Chris and Irina offer to stay another day. We’re amazed that we have such friends. Admittedly we’ve allowed ourselves to get a little jaded by witnessing certain things play out in our business. All the support we’re getting is unraveling and opening our hearts.

We talk about the inevitable. At some point, we’ll have to leave Lake Las Vegas and get back home.

Nikki: I realize that everyday we are saying “We’re going to find him today” and then we are disappointed. We have to hold onto the expectation of finding him. Though we need to let go of expecting WHEN to find him…

US: We let go, we let go, we let go. We know we’ll find him it’s just a matter of when.

7:37 AM: Finally, Psychic Medium Page calls us. Yes, the one who “saw” where we were eating and where he was Sunday night.

This ends up being the
Most Pivotal Conversation.

Page tells us:

“Ok Avram you need to let go of the Blame, Nikki you need to let go of the Fear. He’s picking up on all these different energies and he’s Confused. You need to get quiet and Meditate. It might take up to 3 times, but I feel if you do as I suggest you can get him back. He’s nearby, he’s not too far away…

This is what you do: Like Madii said, you need to imagine this golden light connecting him to you. Each time you meditate you strengthen that cord and that bond. Pick one spot you will keep going back to. I feel this will draw him out to be found.”

We’re grateful for her Calming Presence, suddenly we’re in the Eye of the Storm, a still point.

Now a crossroads.

Do we listen to this Medium and Meditate, or do we Keep Searching as we have been?

A friend who’s a cop might finally have a K9, and there’s friends still offering help.

We look at each other. As much as we believe in energy and vibration we haven’t done this yet. While we’ve relentlessly visualized the outcome of us reunited, we haven’t attempted total focus on the BE-ing part.

It feels we’ve tried almost everything. Let’s give this a go.

We do exactly as she says. We pick a spot, we get quiet for 20 minutes. We feel him, we breathe him. We tell him it’s ok, that we love him. That he’s not in trouble, we’d just be happy to see him again. We imagine the golden light. We finally start to feel connected to him again, his soul, minus the fear.

Avram: As we Open our Eyes, I look at Nikki with tears in my eyes and say,

“You know, if we don’t find him, I’m concerned that we may not make it. I was the one who lost him. I made a mistake that could impact our relationship for a very long time.”

I’m worried it could tear us apart.

She looks at me with strength and says,

avram and nikki beachside snuggles

“Yes, when I *first* found out in Africa I had a sense of blame wash over me.

Zeus is like my baby…

But everyone makes mistakes and I know you love him too…

The only thing that would tear us apart is if I stayed in a state of Blaming you.

Besides, if I kept blaming you Avram, we will NEVER find him.

Blame would be forcing you to operate this search mission under Emotional Blackmail.

How can anyone handle that pressure?

Being United, Loving Zeus and Each Other is how we will find him.

US: We hug, we’re calmer, no matter what happens, we can do this, Together.

We also recall one of our favorite dog trainers, “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Milan. He talks about dogs responding to your energy, it’s all about energy.Dogs respond most to a calm assertive energy.

We start wondering, “At what distance does the dog stop responding to your energy? Is it 10 feet? 20 feet? 20 miles? We know after our meditation, that there is no distance…

We walk and search, this time just gently, as zen as possible.

Noonish: We return to our Meditation Spot. We close our eyes, the energy gets more Refined if that makes sense. We start to have our Own Awarenesses. We sense he’s connecting to this golden energy, but there’s still Confusion.

Nikki: I’m breathing, an epiphany: I’ve been wanting to control the outcome. I had let others fearful projections of him getting kidnapped get to me. (In case you’re wondering why someone would kidnap this dog- besides his sheer level of cuteness- French Bulldogs sell for $2500-$4000 easy).

This was actually the fear that was lingering, I was subconsciously sending the message to him that he could only come to me or Avram. This second meditation is about letting that go. I know I have to trust other people more if he’s to come back. He might be too far away to find us directly.

US: The second time calms us more, we’re more confident about our Inner Guidance. Of course it was there all along. But sometimes your Inner voice gets muffled. It’s amazing how the two of us getting quiet together, gives us this Certainty that he’s OK, out there, Close, Alive.

3:00ish PM

Chris and Irina are still here, they’re searching new territory. We split up and comb through Condo complexes. It just feels like he’s near. Not sure if that’s 100 ft, or a mile, just sense his presence more. We keep walking, hours pass quickly…

Final Meditation:

Page said it could take up to 3 times. We’re going even deeper now, and it feels like Zeus is right with us.

It’s really strange, but both of us see something clearly at the same time:

Zeus understands that this Golden Energy connects us, but he doesn’t understand how to use it to come home. We sense there’s people around him, but he doesn’t know who to trust.

So we play with this, we tell him that we’re going to spread this golden light to all the people who would make the right choice and reconnect us. We tell him that if the person he sees has the Golden Light around them, that it’s safe to go to them.

We focus on spreading this light to all of the People who could Help, who would bring him back to us safely…

We’re ending the meditation, literally eyes opening and standing up …

We get a call:

“Hi I’m Blaine, are you missing a grey dog?”

Avram, nearly speechless, “Yes, yes we are.”

Blaine: “I think my neighbor has him, he just* found him. He’s feeding him right now.”

WHAT? Seriously? We’re incredulous. We JUST did the Meditation. Could it really BE just like the Medium said, within 3 times?

We’re running to the car and getting the address…

Blaine says, “I got a voicemail about this dog, that’s how I knew.”

We arrive in a gated Villa Community
and discover the story.

John comes out to feed his hummingbirds, he has a special connection with them. His Blue Pitbull “Bella,” who is “the gentlest thing” he says, starts sniffing next to the back fence. Bella signals John and he comes over, there’s our Boy hanging out behind his fence.

John says,

“I fed him a can of pedigree and gave him a milkbone. Then he just climbed into my lap.”

We’re looking up at him, 40 feet away, we’re all staring at each other, almost can’t believe it’s him. John carries him carefully down the hill.

This is the touching video of our reunion:

We scoop him up and he’s in momma’s lap. He’s dehydrated but he could look worse. We take him back to the hotel and take a moment to celebrate. No champaign yet, it’s the way you’d celebrate any rescue mission: Lots of relief-filled hugs and smiles. Phone calls and Social Media posts letting people know — We’ve Got our Zeus Back.

Where Did Little Zeus the Superhero Frenchie Go

We take him to the local vet, he checks out ok. Swollen paws and redness, lost 2.3 lbs, but not too bad. We take him back to the hotel for R&R. He sleeps with us all night.

zeus the superhero frenchie sleeping on his back

It’s taken us a week to write this much anticipated story. Zeus has needed extra love, care, and attention on a physical and emotional level. We’re sharing as soon as we can. We’ve been anxious to share the journey, and to pay it forward.

The Response has been Unreal. Epic. Thousands of People invested, caring. Many more being impacted and inspired.

How could a little French Bulldog
inspire thousands of People?

Well aside from his Handsome and Cute face, the common theme in the messages pouring in is something like this:

“I watched the Zeus saga since he went missing. I was so sad and heartbroken, I kept watching daily, refreshing my feed. I prayed, I meditated, I envisioned him coming back to you. I watched you two do everything in your power, updating us- you just wouldn’t give up. Even though the odds weren’t good and there was no evidence, you didn’t give up. And that’s what I’m learning from this. You never gave up and you got him back – that’s what everyone needs to do not only in this situation, but in every obstacle they need to overcome and every dream they wish to fulfill.”

Some people wonder WHY we didn’t give up.

The obvious answer is because we wanted our dog back so badly, but that’s not the real answer.

As difficult as it would have been, we had some honest conversations and self inquiry: Which led us to the awareness that we were* willing to face a reality where he was Eaten, Dead, or Taken.

However, we couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that he was alive and nearby. To give up on that feeling would be to give up on oneself, to Give Up one’s own inner knowing and voice. How could we do that and live with ourselves?

So here’s the core message we want to offer from our “Harrowing to Magical” Journey:

Never Give Up what you Truly Know. Never Give Up the Primal Nudgings that seem to Signal deep in the Belly. Never Give up the Vision you Know is Possible. Never Give Up.

In the moments we felt discouraged, we’d remind each other,

“Don’t give up ok? Don’t give up on the Vision. I’m not giving up on him, are you?”

“No, we’re not giving up.”

Nikki: In the nights I’d wake up soaked in tears, unsure of how we’d find each other, I’d whisper into the wind, “Zeus, I’m not giving up on you. Ok, I want you to know we’re not giving up on you.”

It’s safe to say, he heard me. He got the message, He never gave up either.

Now, We’re Paying it Forward

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Because of LostMyDoggie.com and the immense efforts of #TeamZeus both on the ground and in prayer Zeus was happily returned to us.

When a pet owner pays for their service, LostMyDoggie.com will send out up to 100 fax notifications to local shelters, vet clinics, and pet related businesses in the area your pet went missing.

Additionally, they send out up to 2,500 voice messages alerts to all land lines and registered cell numbers for your geographical area.

It’s an amazing service and they have an up to 85% success rate in reuniting lost dogs with their owners. But it’s not cheap.

We want to help other dog lovers find their lost pets, and have their happy ending, too.

There’s three ways that you can help:

  1. Click Here to Purchase a #TeamZeus t-shirt or hoodie to help sponsor an animal rescue.

2. Scroll to the bottom right of this page and click the ‘Recommend’ button on the bottom left. And also click on the share buttons on the bottom right and share this story on social media!

3. Do both ☺

Our goal is to raise $1,000 towards sponsoring LostMyDoggie.com searches for animals that we will pick via Twitter Search, Instagram, or other social media outlets. We’re using 100% of the profit from the sales of these tshirts to do it.

We are so grateful for everyone who stepped up to the cause to find Zeus! Whether it was on the ground, or at a distance, you’re a part of this. You were part of “Team Zeus” and #TeamZeus. Hence the Tshirt name.

We’d Like to Say Thank You!

avram nikki and zeus

Thank you for bringing us back together! Photo Credit: Amy Starr Allen

There were hundreds, and even thousands of people involved in the search for Zeus. We’d like to shine the light on some individuals who really stood out and made all of this possible.

The ‘Core’ Team

Dagmara Sojda — Nikki’s sister who organized the entire effort from Chicago
Sandy Leveque — Our friend from Portugal who made hundreds of calls to local shelters, rescues, foundations etc.
Chris Rocheleau and Irina Yerkhova — Great friends and amazing support physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the entire experience.

The ‘Core’ Psychic / Intuitive Team

Page Molini— For her stunningly accurate remote vision capabilities and getting us both calm and in tune with Zeus.
Madii Kasem — For the ‘Golden Path’ and communication with Zeus and his guardian Jessie.
Patricia Faust — For introducing us to and connecting us with the Psychic ‘Dream Team’

Empower Network Company / Community

David Wood — Company founder and person responsible for bringing together the community in the first place.
Jonathan Cronstedt — Empower Network CEO who rallied the community to search for Zeus from stage at the conclusion of the company event.
Mars Burden — CMO of Empower Network for concocting the most bad-to-the-bone ‘backup’ direct mail campaign plan/idea if Zeus wasn’t found soon!
Squad Leaders of the 150+ Search Party — Aaron Rashkin, Lawrence Tam, Chris Rocheleau
Regina Floyd — Las Vegas PD officer who searched for K9 backup to possibly track Zeus.
Lara Howard and John Curtis — Dog trainers who educated the entire search force on best practices for finding Zeus and not scaring him off.

Members of the Search Party — The hundreds of people who came together to search for Z in total darkness across golf courses and deserts, including people like Layla Black who was 5 months pregnant.

Ground Team

Adam Castle — Initial flyer crew hitting all homes within a 1/2 mile radius within 24 hours
Travis Brown — Shelter check-in and flyering all of Henderson, NV.
Jedidiah Brown and Sean Williams — Additional flyer support and backup on Saturday.
Sean Williams, Tabby and Tanya Fessenden — Last searchers on the ground Thursday night through 2:30am.
Tyler Seth Deal — Pro photographer who spotted Zeus on Sunday night and restored all hope of finding him.

Emotional Support Team

Aaron Rashkin — First on the scene when Avram finally lost it sobbing on the phone, made sure Avram ate offering infinite levels of support.
Wanda Crafton — Avram’s mom who tapped into her support community and also asked Jessie’s spirit to assist Zeus.
Chiwa — For the calm and confident vision of Zeus’ return while meditating on the golf course when Nikki came across her on Sunday.

Local Business Support

Bo the Security Guard for Lake Las Vegas Area — For checking in and keeping the word out, allowing our flyers to stay up in the area.
Eric Christian the Bell Captain at the Westin Lake Las Vegas— For his unrivaled kindness and rallying of the hotel staff, and hooking us up with much needed support and resources when we needed it most.
Jim Santangelo from the LV Spy Shop — The dog lover that pulled strings to get us high grade military equipment to search for Zeus that further bestowed hope in our hearts that we would find him.

Social Media and Internet Marketing Support

Jordan Ashton — Setting up Facebook ads to target local dog lovers and LLV residents about Zeus’ disappearance
Lisa Torres — For the idea to do FB ads in the first place
Aaron Blevins of @pitbullinstagram — Getting the word out into the IG community as one of the largest dog profiles in the world on that platform.
LostMyDoggie.com — For providing the technology that eventually brought our little family back together ☺

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